About Us

We are a service providing consultancy in the wider healthcare sector, marketing, market research, communication, publishing & event organization; we focus on (1) health and health services policies; (2) health education aiming at improving health literacy for all; (3) digital transformation with the vision to promote digital health integration for empowered citizens, and (4) digital innovation for a sustainable growth. We provide services for private companies, local or multinational, and for non-profit and public agencies with a focus on the healthcare and wellness sector

Our strength

Our strength is to connect different stakeholders from diverse backgrounds and experiences to work effectively together and create value with scientific conventions, conferences, events, workshops, advisories, consensus panels, etc.

We respect our partners’ and customers’ values and we are committed to offer them our services in conformity with their code of ethics; we provide an equal opportunity environment for all to work and collaborate; we highly value the protection of personal data.

Where we come from

Lina Nikolopoulou, a PhD biologist, founded two service providing consultancies in the health sector: MINDWORK in communication strategy, continuous education, events organization, and publishing, & MINDVIEW in market research, which then merged in one company, MINDVIEW, to serve the pharmaceutical & healthcare sector. Our vision is to participate & contribute in pan-European projects and beyond.

Our Work

Our work is to connect the dots. We develop communication material both in printed and digital form and manage media relations. Through qualitative market research (focus groups, in-depth interviews, consensus panels and quantitative research -online surveys) data, necessary to serve our ventures and projects, is gathered and analysed.

Our achievements

We initiated eHealth Forum on a mission to involve all stakeholders to engage with digital technology in health and medicine; a multi-stakeholder network to exchange information & promote innovation in eHealth as an enabler of reform and growth:

eHealth Forum 2016 | Premier European Forum on eHealth
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eHealth Forum 2014 organized by the Greek Presidency of the EU Council 
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Our tools & expertise

On-going Health Hackathons as an innovative working tool to introduce innovation for diverse stakeholder groups (patients, active citizens, health professionals, researchers, SMEs, industry…) for them to develop effective solutions:

Hacking Health Athens Hackathon, 8-10/2/2019
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MIT Hacking Medicine Athens Hackathon, 22-24/2/2019
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Expertise in printed communication in the medical and pharmaceutical sectors for different audiences; all types of printed materials, leaflets, newspapers, journals, newsletters, as well as websites, videos, documentaries. View the website 

We utilise social media for our corporate communication, and beyond; we created MindViewGR channel on YouTube, which is a video library for our congresses and events, including highlights videos, speakers presentations and discussions, and is being continuously updated since 2013. Visit MindViewGR channel