Our initiatives

Delphic Cultural Heritage Days 2021   

We co-organised the first Delphic Cultural Heritage Days, an International Intellectual Forum for people of the Letters and the Arts worldwide―including Angelos Sikelianos International Festival, a tribute to the poet, author and playwright and his vision for the Delphic Festivals. The events took place in five areas and multiple venues: Delphi, Sykia, Athens, Salamis Island, and Lefkada.
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MIT Hacking Medicine Hackathon Athens

The first MIT Hacking Medicine Hackathon in Athens on Feb. 22-24, 2019, a collaboration between MIT Hacking Medicine, eHealth Forum and Biomimicry Greece Research & Innovation.
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Hacking Health Athens Hackathon

The inaugural Hacking Health Athens Hackathon on Feb. 8-10, 2019, organised by eHealth Forum and Biomimicry Greece Research & Innovation with co-organisers the Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry, GFOSS – Open Technologies Alliance, and Athens Startup Business Incubator (ThEA)
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eHealth Forum

The eHealth Forum 2015, eHealth Forum 2016 & Festival and dHealth 2017 were a Mindwork initiative aiming to connect European stakeholders with those from the Balkans, South East Mediterranean and the Middle East and provide the grounds to reach and network with key leaders and policy makers.
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The eHealth Forum 2014 –the Premier European Forum on eHealth– was organized within the framework of the Hellenic Presidency of the European Council of the EU, by the Hellenic Ministry of Health in cooperation with the European Commission, with Mindwork as the PCO. Summary presentation

Forum for Economics & Health Policy

The Forum for Economics & Health Policy has been a ‘think-tank’ and a meeting point for politicians, academics, scientists and health technology experts, as well as biomedical and pharmaceutical technology executives, and healthcare services officials aiming to contribute both to the progress and dissemination of scientific knowledge on health policies, and to a better healthcare system.

Our solid project management through the 2nd Cycle of the Forum, since 2009 (with 20 meetings and counting…), creates an ideal background for regular meetings to take place between experts in health policy, academics, tech and medical scientists, executives of pharma & biomedical industry, but also central officials of healthcare services providers and government so as to keep the debate going.

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